WorldAside Released their beta version !!! :D


Last week was a realy exciting week as we released the beta version of WorldAside! :D

The first batch of users is already¬†testing the platform even though most people are still in the waiting list. We’re about to give access to a way bigger batch throughout this very week! So go now enter your email on and get prepared for this new adventure!

We’re looking forward to getting your feedback !

To work or not to work on International Workers’ Day?


Last week in France, on the 1st of May, we celebrated – as in many other countries – the International Workers’ Day. Depending on the custom, this day can be a non-working day as it is the case in France. We could discuss the logic of celebrating the fact of working by actually doing the exact contrary but it’s not exactly what I want to discuss about right now. Continue reading

WorldAside ComicStrip #68

Last week, I was working on my laptop when suddenly, I noticed that it was operating on battery power even though the power supply was connected. When I unplugged the power cable, I discovered with horror that the power socket had broken! Indeed, inside the power socket, there is kind of a metal shaft that normally goes inside the hole of the power cable when you plug it in. Apparently, this day, this shaft broke and stayed stuck inside the power cable. Continue reading