How to post and tag on WorldAside?


As you probably already know, we released the beta version of WorldAside last week and we’re accepting batch by batch several testers to test the platform. For those who don’t already have the chance to be one of the firsts, let’s give a glance of it by talking a little about how you can add relevance to your posts when you discuss on the website.

Best  way to show you: taking an example! :)

Le’ts say you want to buy a new tablet and you want your friends’ advice. You just have to type in the posting text area of your WorldAside newsfeed something like: “I wonder if I should buy the #Ipad Air or the #Nexus 7… What do you think?”. You type it like that with “#” before the names of the products you’re mentioning. Indeed, when you type the symbol “#” on a WorldAside post, it opens an autocompleting list of products to tag (see images below).

You can either type the exact name of the product:


… whatever the order of the words:


… or even just the brand:


As a result, your post will look like that:


And the people who read your post will be able to consult the reviews and features of the products displayed simply by clicking on them. Anyone can also compare the features of the two products very easily but we’ll show you how in another article! ;)

And you ? How do you choose which tech product to buy ? Let us know in the comments! :D


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